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Author & Punisher. Maybe the most appropo name for an artist Dingo has ever seen. Don't let the sadistic "Punisher" moniker fool you, there is a lot going on under the industrial sonic onslaught that smacks of artistic redemption. And it's all the work of one mad genius. 

Canadian Power-Punk Trio METZ is the band's band. How does Dingo know that? Because Dingo sees Metz t-shirts on members of bands we see live all the time. Then again, Dingo's vision might be a bit blurry.

Dingo's multiple personality disorder has spawned much debate about Sleaford Mods. But everyone agrees these guys the perfect mix of gutter punk, street hip hop, and and English pub rage. Word is Malcolm McLaren is calling from the dead about representation.

Girl Band are a conundrum, formed from a dilemma and wrapped in a quandary. Or as Dingo sees it, one of the most exciting post-punk/post-modern bands alive...or dead. They also pose the age-old question: Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage???

No, Manchester Orchestra is not from Manchester, but instead from Atlanta, GA. But they are orchestral. Big sound, big voice, big heart and big soul; with just enough introspection to justify their Indie Rock cred.

Dingo dares you to pigeonhole Thee Oh Sees into one sound. Okay, we'll name a few...psychedelic, fuzz, punk, garage. Wikipedia will add a few more.  All Dingo knows is they make great music to accompany great videos.

​​                      Kick-ASS Men of Rock

Just to prove Dingo is all about equal opportunity Ass-Kicking music, this month's "Watching" features Kick-Ass Men of Rock. But let's be honest, Kick-Ass is Kick-Ass regardless of who is making the music. And if you check out "The Perfect Month" you can find out when and where some of these bands are playing live in Southern California.

HEALTH opened for Nine Inch Nails in 2008. Due to that fact alone, Dingo automatically becomes a fan. However, being assaulted by their Noise/Electro-Industrial/Metal sensibility at FYFest 2015 cemented Dingo's neverending adulation.

Powerful. Thought-provoking. Moving. Unsettling. And yet these descriptors don't do Algiers justice. Let's just say when Moby grows up he wants to be these guys.