All pictures were taken by DingoSaidSo and are the property of DingoSaidSo Inc.

2024 King of the Hammers Race of Kings
2024 King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge


I'm not actively trying to sell my pictures, but every year people convince me that I should be.  And WITHOUT FAIL,  the first person who wants to buy a picture ghosts me after I give them pricing and it reminds my of why I don't sell pictures.  Therefore, these aren't for sale.  Sorry....


Turns out the Ultra4 community is pretty tight and drivers help drivers in time of need.  Multiple driver's helped "my" driver and I tried to help support the program by  "repaying" them with pictures.  I'm not doing this to make money, I'm simply doing it because I enjoy it.  Turns out other drivers liked my pictures so I started posting them to the website so they could see what I got.


These pictures are here for you to enjoy.  If you want to grab any of these pictures and share them on your social media pages , please feel free to to so as long as you credit "DINGOSAIDSO" as the photographer.  If you want to buy pictures there are plenty of bad ass photogs at KOH who are actively selling their pics, so please reach out to them.  If you are a company and want to use any of these pictures in your marketing, please reach out directly and we can talk....bad news multiple companies have already screwed that up as well (a different rant for a different time). 

Bottim line....I love taking pics, I love going through the pics, and I love for people to enjoy my pics. 

That is all...

2024 King of the Hammers Baja Vida Class 11


Short version...In 2018 I blindly reached out to an Ultra4 4400 driver and offered my (limited) creative skills free of charge.  I wanted to get involved in Ultra4 and it felt like nobody needed help more than this driver, so it would be an easy access point.  The driver told me "no thanks", we're good.  I showed up anyway at KOH 2019 and walked into the driver's camp and asked for the driver and said I was there to work.  At that point I couldn't be turned down and I've worked for this driver ever since.....and we've become good friends. 

2024 King of the Hammers Race of Kings
2024 King of the Hammers Can-Am UTV