GoGo Penguin 

There's going to be plenty of bass bumping in the desert during Coachella, but there's a pretty good likelyhood that GoGo Penguin will have exclusive rights to the DOUBLE BASS! Grab your date, a blanket, a slice of Wyke Farms cheddar, and a bottle of your favorite Veuve Clicquot (these guys will make you forget your in the middle of the desert)


Up to speed on the "Cholo Goth" movement? No? You know who is? Travis Barker! Not only does he play a part in this video, he joined Rafael on stage at the El Rey on January 10 to beat some drums! Hailing out of SD, if you can catch these guys performing at the Casbah it'll be a small venue show you won't soon forget!!


Flashback to Monday, September 28, 2015 at The Roxy. The day Dingo, on behalf of the city of Los Angeles, apologized to Franklin and Ryan. Why? If you were there you'd know, but you WEREN'T because only 50 people showed up to see one of the best shows at The Roxy in 2015! To the other 18,549,950 of you that missed the show, DO NOT go 0 for 2!   

Discovering the Hidden Coachella

Two weekends...six days...78 acres...200,000 people...five MAIN stages...150+ bands...and 16 years of history tells us it's never to early to start preparing for Coachella! Packing? Easy! Putting up a tent? No problem! Saving enough money to cover two weekends? Challenging! Even more challenging part of the prep...viewing strategy.  Gonna see LCD Soundsystem? Guns N' Roses? Calvin Harris? Duh, of course you are! What about Algiers, Meg Myers, The Dead Ships, Prayers, GoGo Penguin, HEALTH, or Girlpool? WHO? Just a guess, but chances are these are just seven of the bands that most of the 200K have never heard of! Wanna go to Coachella because it's cool and you want all your insta friends to be jealous? Us too! Wanna show up at 9PM in your limo to get escorted to the VIP viewing area to see the headliners? WE WANNA BE YOU! But...if seeing some kick ass music from bands that aren't on the stage after the sun goes down is part of the weekend plan, DingoSaidSo is here to help!


Not sure yet where HEALTH is going to end up on the schedule, but there's not another band in the middle of the list of bands that has the potential to OWN the stage like HEALTH! And,,,,there's no better way to communicate the sheer joy that is Coachella than the 1:40 mark of this this video. Week stomachs be warned!

The Dead Ships

First band on the list for Saturday - Guns N' Roses. Last name on the list for Saturday - The Dead Ships. Weird! They pride themselves on their live show and have spent time on multiple Top 10 lists in the Los Angeles area. Our pick for the best of the bottom and a pretty damn good reason why getting to Coachella early is a great idea! 


Cleo, Harmony, a bass, a guitar, and a sound that's unlike anything else at Coachella. The positive: if you like the sound, you REALLY like it (like us).  The negative: there's no "I kinda like them". You're in or your out. Deserving of a spot here? At the third to the last name on Sunday, the upside potential of seeing Girlpool in massive!    

All pictures were taken by DingoSaidSo and are the property of DingoSaidSo Inc.

Meg Myers

Hopefully for the fans of the Dingo Meg isn't new.  Heck, with almost 2M views of this video even Dingo haters might know about Meg Myers. All we know is that we LOVE us some Meg and if we introduce her to just one person that has never heard of her, we've done our job. A DO NOT MISS show in the desert!