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The Mummies

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who have an "Uncontrollable Urge" to see a video of The Mummies shredding the stage (and a keyboard)! How do you top covering Devo while STANDING on your keyboard? Answer:  you don't!  Great to see them out performing again!!!  

The Adicts

Of all the more current and well known bands we have in our video library, it's The Adicts that take the top prize as the most viewed! If you were lucky enough to see this performance at Beach Goth 4 this  should not be a surprise to you!

Florida Georgia Line

Dingo does country music and here's the proof! While it's not our primary focus, every once in a while we do love a little diddy about a girlfriend screwing up and then driving into the sunset with a dog in a pickup truck! This video is a little mix of FGL doing a new school country cover a classic Garth Brooks old school country.

The Deftones

Sure it's the Deftones, put putting the word "MOSHPIT" in the title definitely drove traffic to this video!  Popped some proverbials at this show with a first visit to the Fox Theater in Pomona, first video of a mosh pit from above, and first time seeing a marriage proposal in a mosh pit!  Oh, and The Deftones and Plague Vendor were pretty good too!  


Two of our biggest disappointments   of the year were limiting Warpaint to 30 minutes at Beach Goth 4 and not catching the end of this song on video, but even with that momentary lapse of judgement our WARPAINT videos have more views than any other band in the DingoSaidSo library! 

The "Top" Performers of 2015

The end of a year has become synonymous with lists...lists of "Top" this and "Best" that. Our friends at Consequences of Sound have a great list of the TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2015 and Stereogum has a comprehensive list of the 50 BEST MUSIC VIDEOS OF 2015 (including two of our favorite videos from Girl Band) that are worthy of your time. While we appreciate the effort put into these lists, here at Dingo we find it impossible to "rank" music.  It's impossible to justify putting AURORA in a list that doesn't contain TORRESALGIERS, or SAD ROBOT. In our world every note, lyric, song, album, and performance is simply about the creative expression of incredibly talented individuals looking for an outlet to share their talents with the world.  Therefore, we decided to go with a very simple "list" for our January WATCHING page...the list of our performance videos with the most YouTube traffic.  Enjoy...  

Jimmy Vivano w/ Slash 

The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in a hidden gem for those of you who don't live in "The Valley". Case and point, where else can you see Slash perform with Jimmy Vivino in a venue that holds less than 200 people? A cheap ticket or a two drink minimum can also get you killer shows like John Doe and Chevy Metal!  Put this on your "to do" list for 2016!

 Death Grips

Simply put, HOLY SH*T! Although this is just a short clip, it shows you everything you need to know about one of the most intense performances of 2015.  This performance from FYF in Los Angeles came the day after a Death Grips performance in Brooklyn, NY...imagine what it's like when they don't have jet lag!

Kid Indigo

Imagine's midnight on a Monday night, you've just watched three bands play, you're an hour drive from home, and you're totally exhausted. Do you stick around to see an unknown performer called Kid Indigo perform simply because she puts "mild nudity" in her bio? We did, and we have never regretted that decision for a single second!  



When Red Bull Sound Select announced the lineup for the 2015 #30DaysinLA the FOALS show was the MUST SEE show on the list! One of the most energetic shows of the year and getting to hang with the band at  Frank 'n Hanks prior to the show was just icing on the cake!