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​​                       The People of Puscifer

In honor of the release of MONEY SHOT (their third studio release) and the current US tour supporting it, we present you with the people of Puscifer! Maynard isn't just a musical genius, he's also a great leader with an eye for incredible talent (most of which you can see perform in small venues in the Los Angeles area when not performing with MJK)! We introduce you to the talent of the People of Puscifer

  Mat Mitchell - Lead Guitar

Accustomed to being the digital mastermind behind the scenes, Mat reveals himself to the world via Puscifer! His guitar skills are ridiculous, but for a real treat hunt down his re-mix work...this dude is seriously talented!    

Carina Round -Vocals/Guitar

Shhhh...nobody knows about Carina Round...and THAT'S A PROBLEM!  Amazing artist. Emotional songwriter. Natural performer.  Gorgeous! If you discovered Carina's solo music because of this page, you're welcome!  


When you put all the pieces together, this is the magic that happens!

   Maynard James Keenan

MJK = Genius

Genius = Sober

Sober = Greatest song of Generation X - discuss. 

Discussion over, you disagree you're wrong! Guaranteed to be on the playlist of every person stuck on an island. 

  Omniflux - Keyboard/Vocals

Haunting. Passionate. Intoxicating. Energetic. Omniflux portrays a living oxymoron on stage!   An L.A. small venue Dingo Fav, we're afraid we may have lost her forever when the world gets their first taste.

          Jeff Friedl - Drums

There's something unique about the way Friedl plays drums and we love to watch it! We're amazed he still takes the time to share his skills by teaching young drummers when not on tour. A MUST SEE when playing small L.A venue gigs with former Puscifer bandmate Matt McJunkins in their side project The Beta Machine!​​